General Civil Practice

It is our purpose to try to resolve as many legal problems our clients may have, according to our experience and practice. It is also our goal to try to resolve our client’s problems as efficiently and less costly as possible. Therefore, we also provide for our clients legal services as:

  • Preparing and providing powers of attorney.
  • Drafting and executing Last Wills and Testaments.
  • Preparing Affidavits.
  • Preparing formal correspondence to third parties, and
  • Providing notarial services, among other.

It is also our goal to be honest with our clients. If our client actually does not need our services or the services of a lawyer, we will also inform him/her of that fact. If our Firm can find a cheaper, faster, and more efficient means or option to resolve a legal problem, we will try our best to find it and provide it for our clients.