Accidents and Personal Injury

Accident and injury law in Florida is complex. Insurance law is involved, as well as other types of laws. The motor vehicle accident law in Florida is, specially, difficult to understand and for a person to determine his/her rights and/or obligations under the law.

You may have seen many T.V. commercials and billboards for “lawyer and doctor referral services”. Did you know that many of those referral companies are owned by chiropractors who want you as their client to charge your insurance company for medical bills? You may want to by-pass the middle man and go directly to the hiring of a lawyer of your choice who you trust.

We have successfully represented, and represent, our clients as Plaintiffs in all types of accidents caused by someone else’s negligence. We have investigated, prepared, presented, and settled hundreds of claims against insurance companies (opposing at fault party’s insurance, as well as our clients’ insurance when necessary) therefore protecting our clients from unfair settlements of their accident and/or personal injury cases. We have processed cases in the Florida Circuit Courts to obtain justice for our injured clients through lawsuits against individuals and/or against insurance companies.

Our cases have included: automobile accidents, slip and fall accidents, dog bite damages, and death cases when a person’s death has been caused by the negligence of another, among others.

It is a hard economy in which we are living. In most cases an accident causes loss of property, loss of income, medical bills, pain and suffering, and loss of enjoyment of life. It has been one of our objectives to collect all evidence related to our client’s damages and injuries as a result of an accident to try to maximize, as much as possible, our client’s monetary recovery as compensation for injuries and other damages sustained while also minimizing our client’s case processing costs and expenses. In many cases, our Firm has been successful in obtaining full and maximum insurance policy limits for our clients.

Our objectives in accident and injury cases also include the negotiation, resolution, and payment of any liens and medical bills imposed upon our clients’ accident settlement funds by any third parties to avoid any future attacks by government entities, hospitals, chiropractors, or any other health care providers against our clients once their cases have been closed.