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When you or someone you love is facing deportation or removal, the worry can seem overwhelming. Having a good lawyer by your side won’t take the worry away completely, but it can bring peace of mind that the best possible results will be achieved.

At the Law Office of Alejandro R. Lopez, P.A., we use years of experience to guide you through the legal system. From the moment you contact us, we will work hard to put your mind at ease.

Our founding and principal attorney Alejandro Lopez will personally work on your case. He begins by reviewing all the facts, laws and court procedures that could affect you. You can contact him by phone, in person or via email, and he will take the time necessary to answer your questions.

What to do if You Have Received a “Notice to Appear”

Many deportation and removal cases begin when a person receives a “Notice to Appear” in the mail. This NTA is a serious matter. It means that legal proceedings against you or a loved one have started, and that you must appear in immigration court on a certain date. Do not ignore the letter. It is critical that you take action.

There are many reasons that you may have received an NTA. Sometimes U.S. residents are placed in removal if they are convicted of or plead guilty to crimes that are considered to be “crimes of moral turpitude.” These crimes may even be something small, like stealing a small item from a corner store.

If you are facing removal, you should know that you have options. United States law allows for legal measures called “Cancellation of Removal” or “Asylum” in certain circumstances. People who are facing removal may be able to show the court that they qualify for these options.

The important thing is to get legal help as soon as possible. Many people lose the opportunity to exercise these options simply because they wait too long or try to handle matters themselves. The best way to protect your rights is to have an experienced immigration attorney by your side from the very beginning

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