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While it is important to give your child the love and nurturing he or she needs to grow, financial support is also vital to his or her development. Whether you are seeking to obtain child support or you have been asked to pay child support, the Law Office of Alejandro R. Lopez, P.A., can protect your best interests and your parental rights.

Diligently Working To Protect Your Rights And Your Children’s Best Interests

Since 1999, our founder and principal lawyer Alejandro R. Lopez, has represented mothers and fathers in Orlando and throughout Central Florida in a wide range of child support matters, from establishing support to modifying agreements and enforcing judgments.

Our Kissimmee child support attorney has also served as the voice for minor children in court through his work as a guardian ad litem in family law cases.

In Florida, child support is determined by the state’s child support guideline calculations, which take into consideration several factors, including (but not limited to):

  • Each parents’ gross income
  • Specific deductions
  • Day care costs
  • Health insurance premiums
  • The amount of time the child spends with each parent

The family court judge may take other items into consideration when determining the amount of child support that you will be awarded or ordered to pay. As your lawyer, Alejandro R. Lopez will work to ensure that your circumstances are considered when establishing child support, and that the amount is correct and just according to the law.

Enforcing And Modifying Child Support | If your child’s other parent has fallen behind in paying support, refuses to pay support or you would like to modify a support order, the Law Office of Alejandro R. Lopez, P.A., can help you. Depending on your circumstances, we will help you present a strong case in court that proves your need to modify or enforce your child support judgment. Contact our firm for more information.

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