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When your life has been overwhelmed by credit card bills, mortgage loans, medical expenses and other debt, it’s time to consult the Law Office of Alejandro R. Lopez, P.A. Based in Orlando, our Florida law firm can help you eliminate your debt and regain control of your finances by filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

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Since 1999, our bankruptcy law firm has helped clients in Orlando, Kissimmee and throughout Central Florida find the most effective debt relief options for their circumstances. We understand how daunting your debt may be, and we want to help you make the best decision to eliminate it.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy | In Chapter 7 bankruptcy, your dischargeable debt — such as credit card, medical and other personal debt — is forgiven, giving you a “fresh start.” Depending on your situation, assets may be sold to help pay off your creditors.

Often, our clients come to us with a common fear that if they file Chapter 7 bankruptcy, they will lose everything they own. Fortunately, there are certain exemptions in bankruptcy that allow the majority of people who file to keep their homes, cars and other personal property.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy | While many people qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, some individuals earn higher salaries, making them eligible for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. In this chapter, your debt is reorganized into a repayment plan that typically lasts three to five years. It allows you to keep the property you want, while making lower payments on it. Usually, people only pay pennies on the dollar. Any remaining unsecured debt will then be eliminated at the conclusion of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

One of the biggest benefits of filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy is the automatic stay that goes into effect right after you file that will:

  • Stop creditor phone calls, letters and visits
  • Stop home foreclosures
  • Stop repossessions
  • Stop garnishments
  • Stop liens
  • Stop lawsuits
  • Stop other creditor harassment

It’s time to put a stop to your growing debt. Our founding lawyer Alejandro R. Lopez is ready to help you explore your legal options. During a friendly and private consultation, we will review your finances and explain to you how bankruptcy can help you.

Is Your Home In Foreclosure? If you are at risk of losing your house, call the Law Office of Alejandro R. Lopez, P.A., as soon as possible. We can help you learn about your foreclosure defense options and ultimately afford you more time to stay permanently in your home or prepare to move.

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We invite you to contact the Law Office of Alejandro R. Lopez, P.A., at 407-649-1404 to schedule a private consultation to discuss your bankruptcy matters. Our firm accepts major credit cards and offers reasonable attorneys’ fees and payment plans. Hablamos Español.

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